About Us

About Us

Our team of developers is constantly providing also new extensions that fills actual needs of both users and administrators, while striving to deliver the best user experience.

Do you need a custom extension for you website? Do you need a simple modification to an existing component? Searching for an expert team to build your custom web app?

Our developer team can satisfy all of your needs. They are always up to date with the latest technologies, and are experts in UI design and user experience.

Contact Us

Thank you for trusting us! We can be reached in a variety of ways, depending on the reason you want to contact us on.

  • For pre-sales information, feature requests, translations, patches, help and support information please use our forum.
  • For miscellaneous development related communication - such as security information or proposals to collaborate on coding - please contact the Developer Attavus M.D. by leaving a message at the support forum in the General Talk board. Please, follow the standard IT security best practices, do not publicly post security-related information without approval from us.
  • For anything other than software support, you can email us at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or you can use the form. If you email us with a support request, it will be deleted without a reply.

In case of an emergency, i.e. the forum is off-line or the user registration is not working, if and only if there is no other way to get in contact with us, you can send a information to Skype: Attavus_M.D.

We regret to inform potential advertisers that we don't accept any kind of for-profit advertisements / sponsorships and we will not participate in "banner exchange" programmes.

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